Concern "Kalashnikov" presented a special vehicle "Shield"

Concern "Kalashnikov" developed a special vehicle "Shield" for police

The Kalashnikov concern, which is part of the Rostekh State Corporation, initiated the special vehicle "Shield" designed for the needs of the police.

"Multifunctional protection systems and other police equipment are being developed today in many countries around the world. The search for relevant solutions and work in new segments allowed us to create this platform. In addition to the "Shield" complex, we are also working to introduce new design solutions for wheeled armored vehicles on the market both for the domestic market and for export supplies", commented Alexey Krivoruchko, CEO of the Kalashnikov Concern.

The special vehicle is equipped with a protected cabin, water jet and steel shield. By its technical equipment and productivity, the "Shield" complex exceeds existing foreign analogues.


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