100 years of Red Army: Pre-Production Mosin Rifle, an upgraded design

The Mosin–Nagant rifle, otherwise known as the Mosin rifle (3 lines caliber, or 7.62 mm), entered into service with the Russian army in 1891. This system was quite appropriate for its time. It survived two insignificant modernizations (in 1910 and 1930s) and loyally served the Russian soldiers in the First World War, during the revolutionary years and in the Civil War, and then during the WWII.  Work on upgrading the rifle continued virtually until the mid-1930s. Famous for its simple, strong and reliable structure with manual loading and a magazine for five cartridges, the Mosin rifle was removed from service by the Soviet army only after the Great Patriotic War, but it was used for much longer as a sniper rifle. Nowadays, many of these rifles are used by Russian and foreign hunters and amateur riflemen.

Carl Oldenburg
Carl Oldenburg8 March 2018, 16:40
Считаю, что было две удачные модернизации : - карабин обр.38 и обр.44 г., остальные "длинные" модели - откровенный архаизм.

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