All about tuning of hunting rifles

What can improve the characteristics of a hunting rifle?

All characteristics of a hunting rifle can be conditionally divided into objective and subjective. Objective characteristics are those that can be unambiguously and accurately assessed and measured, for example, the mass, the capacity of the magazine, the accuracy of a patron at a given range. Subjective characteristics - this is the convenience for a particular arrow, the perception of bestowal, aesthetics. Accordingly, it is possible within certain limits to change both of these characteristics, depending on the wishes of each particular weapon owner, while a number of seemingly subjective characteristics, for example the convenience of a tab with a specific configuration, can also affect objective results such as accuracy and accuracy Shooting from the hands, and especially offhand.

Is it possible to make a notch with my own hands and what tool for this use?

Yes, of course you can. There are a lot of recommendations in the network and how to make the right tool yourself from improvised tools, and what to buy from a ready-made tool for working on wood.

Is it possible to increase the store capacity independently?

It depends on the design of the specific weapon. For many self-loading hunting rifles with tubular shops (for example, Baikal MP-155), you can find store extenders that are installed in place of its front cover-nut. For some rifled weapon systems with permanent stores, there are alternative options for detachable stores or stores of increased capacity, but one should bear in mind that by law we do not allow the use of stores with a capacity of more than 10 cartridges in civilian hunting weapons. Exceptions are made only for athletes engaged in certain types of shooting sports, for example, practical shooting under IPSC rules.

How much can an upgrade of a hunting gun cost?

It depends entirely on what you want to do. The installation of a collimator sight on the MR-155 or the replacement of a wooden butt MP-27 with a plastic one can cost several thousand rubles; Making a new box from a good nut according to your personal standards, with an accurate fit and elegant woodcarving can cost tens of thousands of rubles already, and say the engraving of metal with gold and silver, the installation of a lightweight high-precision "carbon" trunk and premium optics on the hunting Rifle can raise the price of such an "upgrade" to several thousand euros and above.


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